Yoga Teachers Worth the Drive - Los Angeles Locals

Yoga Teachers Worth the Drive - Los Angeles Locals

Sometimes planning your day can be a feat of engineering, especially with legendary LA traffic.  Like most Angeleno's, we like to keep close to our neighborhood hamlet, but the one thing that will take us far a field is a good yoga class.   

Whether you find yourself across town for a meeting or feel like an LA safari to a neighborhood unknown, check out our favorite yoga teachers worth the drive.  

Have mat, will travel. 


Wanderlust - Silverlake/Hollywood

MaryBeth LaRue

If you want a creative but challenging flow with great tunes, MaryBeth is for you.  Incredibly honest and open, Marybeth has a truely authentic heart and doesn't just talk the yoga talk, she really does walk the yoga walk in her everyday life.  A gifted teacher and inspirational human being.  


Black Dog Yoga - Sherman Oaks

Sigrid Matthews

Incredibly knowledgeable, Sigrid infuses her classes with humor, spot on alignment cues and encourages a gracious acceptance of your body regardless of where you are on your yoga journey. Always thoughtful and intuitive, Sigrid has a way of tossing in a bit of yoga sutra or quotation that is mysteriously always on point every class.  



YogaWorks - SouthBay

Angela Kukhahn

One of the most challenging classes around, Angela will kick your behind with a super playful and acrobatic flow. Open to all levels, there are options for all, so you'll definitely find ways to challenge your strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. If you love being upside down, Angela's classes deliver every time.


Mandala Center - Santa Monica

Grace Flowers

The perfect balance of a challenging Mind / Body / Spirit Yoga practice, Grace, as her name would suggest, is a gentle spirit who infuses self-awareness and kindness into each class. Don't be fooled, however.  She is known as the "Velvet Hammer" by her students and will work the heck out of your body.


How much do we geek out on yoga? Om, the chant at the beginning and end of a yoga class and the symbolic sound of the universe did play a role in creating our company logo.

Let us know your favorite teachers in LA.  We love to discover!

See you on the mat!

Namaste (Yeah, we said it.) 


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