Bleisure Travel - New name, not so new idea

Bleisure Travel - New name, not so new idea

For those of us who have been living out of a suitcase for years, the idea of sneaking in a few vacation days on the back of a business trip is nothing new.  We've made the journey,  we're hopefully staying in some pretty nice digs, so why not seize the opportunity to soak up some local flavor or take a day trip down a road less travelled?


Marketers have cottoned on to the idea of combining business and leisure travel and re-packaged the concept as Bleisure Travel, a name, itself, that could use some rebranding, but we digress.

It is on these trips, specifically, that the wardrobe conumdrum raises its confused head.  How do we adhere to a strick 'carry-on-only' rule when you have to dress for the beach and the boardroom?  When traveling with work collegues, how do you remain casual yet professional? Seeing Steve from accounting in his Speedo is not top of our list, and, we're pretty sure we don't want him to see us in ours, either. 


Enter ocean+main.  Casual, comfortable, polished and chic.  From easy tunics to lux caftans, these gems pack light and travel well.  They'll take you from coffee on the lanai to dinner at a local hole-in-the-wall.   On your way to the spa?  Ditch the spa robe, slip into a chic tunic and you won't mind who you run into in the hallway.


Professional traveller and ocean+main afficiando, LaRhesa Moon, put it best.  As founder and CEO of Articulate, a corporate communications and strategic planning firm, LaRhesa has been organizing and attending corporate conference and executive team building conclaves for years. 

 "The benefits of whisking employees to parts unknown, hoping those out-of-the-box experiences will spur out-of-the-box thinking has always been as successful strategy. Unfortunately, my fellow attendees often think a casual work environment means overly casual dress.  My ocean+main caftans and tunics are the perfect solution.  I feel totally appropriate and chic in any circumstance. 

My ultimate go-to travel item is the Kimono Cardi.*  Even at home, I can go from the gym to a meeting and feel put-together, and, I get a TON of compliments EVERY time I wear it.  I also love that it doubles as a scarf for chilly plane rides."


 (*Note to readers:  In stock again soon.  Check back in late Feb 2018!)

So, we applaud you, fellow Bleisure travellers!  Sieze the day and the opportunity your job has afforded and go explore! 

We'd love to hear about your favorite travel pieces (ocean+main or not).  You might just inspire us to make something new!




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