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Our Sustainability Pledge


Our Sustainability Pledge

At ocean+main, we believe sustainability means meeting our needs today in a way that ensures future generations can meet theirs. Apparel production and consumption must radically change.  We are committed to improving our processes, limiting our impact and sharing our progress.  We hope to be part of a future where the apparel we own is valued, the people who make it are valued and the planet we live on is valued.  With your help, we hope to make a change for the better.

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Zero single-use plastic since 2015

In manufacturing and shipping from our site

100% FSC certified packaging

Recycled + recyclable packing + reusable cloth bag

Focus on natural fabrics

Natural fibers and no microplastics ensures minimal impact fromproduction to end-of-life

Responsible water use

All silk is sourced from mills that recycle 100% of their water

No overproduction – we only make what we can sell

Limited runs + local manufacturing = zero excess stock

Commitment to circularity

Upcycled fabrics and findings + re:hOME pre-loved items


Our Annual OM Report + our sustainability icons provide the provenance of each product

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                                                 Our Business                             Positive Luxury Brand to Trust                             Remake 

                                                           is BCorp Certified                                              Butterfly Mark accredited                             Certified Sustainable Brand

At ocean + main, we believe in..

mindfulness in all we do

Design Matters

Timeless, seasonless, and classic, we design ocean + main garments to feel as relevant today as they will in 20 years. From fiber to silhouette to end-of-life, every step of the process matters. We are committed to protecting our planet from harmful chemicals and water waste by using only 100% naturally biodegradable materials and no hazardous microplastics.

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Fabric Matters

Our primary fabrications are silk and cotton which we source locally from the upcycled market (excess textile waste) and from conscious suppliers. Using upcycled fabrics allows a portion of our collection to be circular requiring no virgin material, no additional water and no additional chemical treatments. Our silk suppliers recycle 100% of their water and are OEKO-Tex-certified ensuring no toxins or dyes enter the ground or water table. By 2026, 50% of our cotton will be sourced from 100% certified organic mills.

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Manufacturing Matters

Domestic manufacturing is a founding pillar of ocean+main. We proudly manufacture 100% of our garments in Los Angeles dramatically decreasing GHG emissions from transportation. Local manufacturing with low minimums dramatically reduces overproduction and allows us to support this vital and creative industry right here at home. Local manufacturing also allows us to ensure fair wages and working conditions for our team and ensures we are protecting biodiversity by manufacturing under California’s strict environmental protection laws. To ensure we are working with partners who share a similar ethos, our fabric, packaging, and manufacturing partners are required to maintain and provide an annual ISO Certifications and adhere to the AFIRM Restricted Substances protocol.

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Transparency Icons

Look for these icons on each product page to learn the provenance and impact of each product.

Carbon Emissions and Biodiversity Matter

We have committed to the UN’s RaceToZero, a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030. In addition to carbon offsets, zero plastic, FSC certified packaging, local manufacturing, and the transition to 100% organic and circular textiles, we are on track to achieve that goal by 2025. We measure our progress through the Textile Exchange Biodiversity Benchmark program and are committed to measuring, reporting, and mitigating our impact on the natural world.

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Community Matters

We work diligently to advocate for Los Angeles Apparel Manufacturing and its over 45,000 workers. We helped pass California’s SB62, legislation that protects garment workers and now serves as the framework for the national Fabric Act. Today, we are actively working with city leaders to protect the garment district from a rezoning effort which could decimate this vital ecosystem and put the entire Los Angeles apparel industry in jeopardy.

People Matter 

We believe in a diverse, inclusive, and peaceful environment for our team and strive to seek out vendors and suppliers who do the same. We believe people do their best work when they feel safe, calm, supported, respected, and have opportunities to grow. Local manufacturing helps ensure our work environments are free from discrimination, harassment, bias, or intimidation. Our deep connection to human rights enforces our commitment to local, domestic manufacturing and all fabric suppliers outside the US must adhere to our Vendor Code of Ethics.

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Giving Matters

A portion of our proceed go to BEAM, Black Emotional and Mental Health in Los Angeles, and The Ocean Conservancy. Our Malaysia collaboration supports a local artisan collective and a portion of those proceeds go to the TRCRC, a local NGO committed to rainforest preservation. 
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Transparency matters

While our sustainability journey evolves, look for these icons on each product page to understand the provenance of each item.
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Packaging Matters

Another founding pillar of ocean+main is the elimination of plastic packaging. Since inception, all our shipping and packaging materials have been 100% plastic-free, FSC certified, recycled, recyclable, and all garments are shipped in reusable, cotton cloth bags.
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Resources Matter

Sourcing materials of the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact ensures we are considering people and the planet from beginning to end of the product life cycle. From fabric to packaging, we have an obligation to ensure that we are taking steps to reduce our impact.
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natural, renewable, and biodegradable fabrics 

upcycled hardware details

of our silk uses recycled water and non-toxic dyes

sustainably sourced shipping materials

The Positive Luxury Group honors sustainable brands with The Butterfly Mark, verifying that a brand meets the highest standard of sustainable best practices across ESG+: Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation.
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A Note from Our Founder 

At ocean + main, we believe mindful production and mindful consumption are the only way forward. The word ‘ocean’ in our name serves as a constant reminder to produce apparel in a way that protects this delicate ecosystem, and, while our practice may not be perfect, we are committed to transparency and strive to do better every day.

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Mary Price, Creative Director + Founder