At ocean + main, we believe in..

mindfulness in all we do

Zero Plastic

Using zero single-use plastic has been a founding principle of ocean+main since e launched in 2015. We use no single-use plastic when shipping from our stie and any plastic use in warehousing is reporposed for the next production.

Locally Made

We proudly produce 100% of our garment in Los Angeles, California. That means we pay living wage, provide our teams with clean, healthy work environments and provide a healthy work/life balance.

Artisan Made

We support artisans around the world who make fabric and textiles using traditional methods in harmony with the nature around them.We love bringing these textiles home to LA to make our garments.

REcycled WAter

Items displaying this symbol means the fabric was sourced from a factory wit ha dual filtration system. That means 100% of the water is recycled EVERY SINGLE DAY. No water is wasted and no dyes or toxins enter the delicate water table or corrupt the local water supply.

Minimal WATER

Sometimes we find a beautiful fabric that could use a little rinse. Like a dip in the ocean, a quick rinse helps uncover the true beauty of these fabrics. When we say minimal water, we mean exactly that. A quick rinse and hang dry, like a sponge bath for your garment.

No Dyes

Using up-cycled fabric - rescuing and reusing resources we already have - is the original concept behind a circular economy and one of the founding principles of ocean+main. Like water, dyes were used when the fabric was initially made, but when we up-cycle, we add no additional dyes or chemicals to our fragile eco-system.

Conventionally made

Another pillar of ocean+main is full transparency. As our company has grown, some of our garments are produced in a more conventional way. These garments are made using fabrics that are conventionally grown, and in some cases, dyed in Los Angeles using strict environmental waste-water and chemical use guidelines of local governments. This symbol will let you know when an item doesn't meet our sustainable criteria.

Zero water

When we find the perfect fabric in the upcycled market, we use no water and no extra dyes or treatments. By saving fabric from a landfill and repurposing it into our limited edition collection, we help create a truly circular economy.


In full transparency, we happily disclose the provenance of our textiles as well as the factories we partner with to make our garments. The names and addresses of all our suppliers can be found on our listing featured on the Open Supply Hub.