We're B Corp Certified!

We're B Corp Certified!

We are happy to join a community of global brands committed to doing things differently. B Corporation designation means the success of our business is not measured solely on bottom line dollars, but instead, is heavily weighted on our bigger impact: how our business effects our world and our community.

 ocean+main has never been about making money at all costs. From the beginning, we have been focused on reducing our footprint and creating in a way that respects earth and maker. The B Corp Certification allows our yearly analysis to consider the measurement of ESG principles as critically important as our profit margins.


To achieve and maintain B Corp status, we are subject to a robust, detailed and thorough examination of our entire operation on a yearly basis to assure we are adhering to the rigorous B Corp principles.

B Corp certification means companies must meet (among other criteria):


Company's must demonstrate exemplary social and environmental performance


Management is legally accountable for its actions to all stakeholders including employees and the environment, not just financial shareholders


Companies must exhibit true transparency by making all information publicly available


See our B Corp rating here:


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