Our Annual Assessment of our purpose and our progress towards a more sustainable world



A letter from our founder

Hello, I’m Mary, the founder of ocean+main. 

At ocean + main, we believe in leaving things better than we found them. We make beautiful apparel in harmony with our beautiful planet, and from the beginning, we have pledged to put people, our planet, and our purpose first.

Since launching the brand, I am frequently asked two important questions:

‘What exactly is sustainable fashion’ and, “is ocean+main an address? An intersection? A place?”

To answer the first, with so many parts, pieces, and people involved in making one garment, measuring sustainability can seem like a daunting task.

For us, sustainability is the commitment to meet our needs today while ensuring future generations can meet theirs.


The answer to the second question is yes, ocean+main is an intersection, but not in the literal sense.  Like all brands, I had to start with a name.  For me, it was important for the name to communicate our commitment to the planet and our commitment to doing things differently.   I wanted a name whose very words would remind us daily that sustainably is the foundation of the brand and the very thread that informs our every decision. 


Based in Los Angeles, the quintessential intersection of ocean life and city life, the combination of the words ‘ocean’ and ‘main’ made sense. 


In addition to its obvious proximity, its calming presence, endless inspiration and awe-inspiring beauty, the word ‘ocean’ serves as a constant reminder to produce apparel in a way that protects this delicate ecosystem.


The word ‘main’ serves a dual purpose. First, all our products are made on Main Street in downtown Los Angeles and second, our products are meant to feel as comfortable to wear at the ocean as they do on Main Street. 


Together, they create the initials OM, a mantra, a chant, and our ethos.


In Sanskrit, OM, or the combination of the sounds A – U – M, is sacred. The combination A-U-M represents three important triads of life: earth, atmosphere, and action. It is in this spirit that we have created the OM Report, an annual update on our sustainability practices and goals.


With new technologies, innovations, and an increased focus on our collective impact on the planet, we are constantly analyzing our production practices to evolve with this ever-changing landscape.


We created this report to be a benchmark for our progress as well as a tool for transparency to ensure we are doing everything we can to support people, protect resources, and fight climate change.


Thank you for joining us on this journey.


All my best,

Mary Price

Creative Director/Founder, ocean + main



At ocean + main, we believe in leaving things better than we found them. We make beautiful apparel in harmony with our beautiful planet plus a pledge to put people, our planet, and our purpose first.

We aim to bring more OM to every touchpoint. All decisions regarding the product we manufacture will be made through this lens as we strive to achieve the below criteria.


  • Fabrics must come from 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable sources.
  • Manufacture of all raw materials from fabric to shipping supplies must reduce or eliminate water consumption.
  • Fabrics and raw materials must reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals.
  • Zero single use plastic will be used in shipping from the website.
  • All fabrics, raw materials, and garment production will be sourced from companies and mills that meet criteria for workers wellbeing and respect workers’ rights.
  • All fabrics, raw materials, and garment production will come from organizations with a commitment to carbon reduction.
  • Remain dedicated to community involvement and charitable giving.





We have dedicated our strategy to align with the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development, a global blueprint consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets designed in 2015 to strengthen our people and planet by 2030. We are committed to meeting this deadline and have implemented a plan focusing specifically on five Sustainable Development Goals. (SDG) listed below:



Each of these goals moves the needle closer to a more sustainable and better world.


Additionally, ocean + main is a member of the following industry organizations committed to furthering these United Nations Sustainable development goals.

We are a community of fashion lovers, women rights advocates, and environmentalists on a mission to change the industry’s harmful practices on people and our planet.


Canopy’s mission is to protect the world’s forests, species, and climate, and to help advance Indigenous communities’ rights.

ocean+main’s canopy pledge


The Open Apparel Registry is an open forum that allows manufacturers and customers true transparency and visibility into how and where products are made.

OAR ocean+main supplier list

The SME Climate Hub is a global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

ocean+main SME Climate Hub page


Common Objective (CO) is the global tech solution for sustainable fashion business.
Our technology simplifies and rewards best practice, turning sustainability from a cost into an opportunity.


The world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, brands and policymakers through research, education and advocacy.



A global non-profit dedicated to the development, management, and promotion of a suite of leading industry standards, as well as the collection and publication of critical industry data and insights that enable brands and retailers to measure, manage and track their use of preferred fiber and materials. 


OM Progress


As of 2022:  INFOGRAPHIC


  • 100% of our garments are plastic-free.
  • 100% of the materials used for shipping from our site are sustainably sourced and free of single-use plastic.
  • 100% of our sales from our website are carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets.
  • 100% of our closures (buttons, zippers, hooks and eyes) are upcycled. They are sourced from jobbers and no new fixtures or hardware is ordered to manufacture our garments.
  • 100% of our sewing partners adhere to our employee and vendor code of conduct and are regulated by OSHA and California SB62 ensuring quality pay and healthy working conditions.
  • 80% of our fabric mill partners adhere to our code of conduct and are ISO9001 certified to ensure worker safety and well-being.
  • 60% of our silk fabrics are from mills that use only recycled water and Oeko-Tex dyes for production.
  • 15% of our assortment is manufactured from upcycled materials reducing landfill waste, adding zero new chemicals to the environment, and using little or no additional water.
  • 10% of our assortment is from cupro, a responsibly sourced cellulosic fabric.


By Early 2023: INFOGRAPHIC

  • 100% of our cotton fibers will be sourced from GOTS (organic cotton) and ISO certified mills.
  • 100% of our silk will be BlueSign Dye, Oeko-Tex, Ceres and ISO certified mills that recycle 100% of their water, are solar-powered, support workers and the local community.
  • The launch of our Circularity Program, rehOMe/reMain OM Pre-Loved, to solve textile waste. This program will allow customers to return gently worn items for resale and receive a discount on any future purchase.
  • We will be a 1% For the Planet certified brand with the hope of donating 1% of our total sales to environmental causes.


By 2025:

  • To further reduce the impact of cotton production, we will be ensuring our cotton production is not only GOTS but also regenerative. We are also working on a pilot program that transitions existing cotton resources into new, long-staple cotton fibers.
  • 50% of our cotton will be from regeneratively grown cotton sources.
  • 30% of our cotton will be GOTS Certified.
  • 20% of our cotton will be circularly sourced using zero virgin cotton.


At ocean + main we love the ocean, we love Main Street, and we love what we do for our people and planet.

OM Product Design Philosophy:  How our design decisions reflect our sustainability goals. 

Every decision we make is thoughtfully considered for its short-term and long-term impact. From fiber to silhouette to end-of-life, every step of the process matters. 


Design Matters


Timeless, seasonless, and classic, we design ocean + main garments to feel as relevant today as they will in 20 years. Our founding silhouette, the caftan, has been a quintessential wardrobe staple for centuries. From toga, kurta, kimono, dashiki, kanga, to abaya, this genderless, seasonless classic has been a part of many cultures, climates, and periods in history. Throughout that time, these garments have been made in harmony with nature and with respect for the earth’s regenerative processes. Sadly, society has moved far from those ideals. The foundation of ocean + main is to move simultaneously forward and back toward creating apparel with balance and consideration for nature while paying homage to the rich design legacy of the caftan and reestablishing the deep cultural connection between people and the planet.

Materials Matter

 We are committed to using only noble, 100% naturally biodegradable materials like cotton and silk. Using natural fibers ensures that even at the end of the product life cycle the fabric biodegrades naturally and easily back into the earth without leaving a harsh chemical or a synthetic footprint. 


The choice to use only natural fibers in our garments is also informed by the impact of garment care on the environment. Polyesters and other petroleum-based fabrics (even those from recycled plastic) leach hazardous microplastics into the oceans and water table when laundered.  Cellulose-based fibers like cotton and silk biodegrade naturally leaving no harmful synthetic residue.


Sourcing materials of the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact ensures our garments consider the planet from beginning to end of the product life cycle.   

Sourcing Matters: From fabric to packaging.

 Our fabrics are procured from three main sources: Upcycled fabrics, fabrics from sustainable mills, and artisan fabrics.


Infographic: 2022




Using upcycled fabrics and overcuts from luxury mills, ocean + main is committed to utilizing the resources we already have. Approximately 15% of the silk, cotton, and cupro styles we offer are from upcycled sources.


Our sustainable sources included GOTS certified cottons and silk fabrics that are purchased from mills with a double filtration system where all water is purified, tested, and recycled every day ensuring no water is wasted and no chemicals or dyes enter the delicate water table or local water supply.  These mills also adhere to strict ISO standards for carbon emissions and worker wellbeing and are OEKO-Tex certified that the chemicals they use cause no harm.


Our artisan fabrics are sourced directly from a family-owned workshop in Malaysia that directly supports locals as well as the TRCRC, an NGO dedicated to protecting the Malaysian rainforests.


All shipping materials and packaging are 100% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer waste, including water-activated paper packing tape. From inception, ocean + main has used zero-single-use plastic in all shipping from our website. All products are shipped in a reusable cloth bag.


ReUse Matters

By 2023, we will launch the ocean + main circularity program, reMain, a collection of carefully curated, pre-owned styles—hand-selected, laundered, and refurbished—that will be available for customers to purchase. This program allows our customers to return an ocean + main garment responsibly, receive a discount for future styles, and help reduce the approximately 92M tons of textile waste that heads to the landfill each year.





Currently, 30% of our cotton fabric comes from sustainable sources, primarily upcycled deadstock. By 2023, 100% of our cotton will be GOTS, BCI certified, or upcycled. Currently, 20% of our cotton is GOTS certified and organically harvested in an environmentally, responsible way.  Another 10% is from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). BCI trains farmers to future-proof their farming by teaching more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable practices. An additional 10% of our cotton garments are made using upcycled cotton fabric.



60% of our silk comes from mills that recycle 100% of their water during processing which ensures zero toxins and dyes enter the ground or water table. All dyes are Oeko-Tex certified ensuring zero toxicity to people and animals.



Made from recycled cotton waste, 50% of our cupro is upcycled from local deadstock. Using upcycled materials also means no additional dyes or chemicals are used to create these fabrics. 50% of our cupro is mill-sourced from sustainably recycled cotton waste and is Global Recycled Standard certified, plus, the chemicals used to process the fabric are disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.


Upcycled Fabric

We founded the company using deadstock and upcycled fabrics that   a pillar of our sourcing today.




We have an obligation to ensure that our supply chains are taking steps to reduce the impact of our products for the protection of our people and environment.

Managing Our Chemicals And Dyes 

Oeko-Tex is a global certification that ensures any chemicals and dyes used in the production of our fabrics cause no harm to people or animals.

Bluesign is an organization that developed systems and standards to address chemical inputs, energy consumption, water use, wastewater, hazardous waste, and air emissions. Bluesign addresses the types of chemicals and how those chemicals are used at the mills, dyers, and finishers. By moving forward with Bluesign certified mills, we are ensuring oversite into our dying processes and look forward to sharing updates in our 2023 sustainability report.

In addition to Oeko-Tex and Bluesign, by 2023, will require all our suppliers to adhere to the AFIRM Restricted Substances List (RSL) here, created to ensure no dangerous substances or chemicals are present in our products. Using GOTS, Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, and other certification tools, we are confident our fibers meet AFIRMs requirements, but this will allow us another tool to ensure our products do no harm. 

Our local dye house for cotton dying is a leader in sustainability in Los Angeles. 100% solar powered, all dyes are low impact and they adhere to LA County’s regulation on water use, recycling, and purification, the strictest in the US.


OM Authenticity: Materials Transparency and Certification:

 We rely on third-party suppliers to verify our newly sourced raw materials are sustainable and authentic. When we look for a fabric supplier, we require them to provide at least one of the below certifications, which are reviewed and applied annually to ensure compliance.


Our Third-Party Affiliates Include:


  • For Organic Material: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • For Recycled Material: Global Recycled Standard (GRS).
  • For Fibrous Material: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification, or Canopy, a supplier-approved organization that works to protect deforestation by eliminating the production of cellulosic fabrics from trees.
  • For both Silk and Cotton Content: CERES – certifies organic farming and manufacturing standards.
  • For Dyes: Bluesign acts as an independent verifier to increase trust and transparency and promote safer and more sustainable manufacturing practices from fiber to finished product.
  • Oeko-Tex: Certifies the dyes used in production cause no harm to people or animals.


Ethical Practices

ocean + main strives to maintain the highest level of ethics in all of its business practices and expects that our vendors operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. For more information regarding our sourcing policies, please review our Vendor/Employee Code of Conduct below.


OM Carbon Commitment


As a signatory of the UN’s Race To Zero Net Emissions by 2030 and a member of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) and Textile Exchange, we recognize the importance of and are committed to serious carbon reduction. We operate out of a small studio space in Los Angeles, but as our company continues to grow, we look to better understand how to measure and reduce our impact.

Through SME, we utilize Normative’s Carbon Emission assessment tool and pledge to publish the results annually.  The results for 2021 are below:



OM Carbon Off-Sets


To help neutralize our carbon footprint, we have partnered with Eco-Cart to offset carbon emissions created by shipping product from our website.  Eco-Cart measures the weight, material, and distance each online purchase must travel to its destination and calculates the package’s accurate carbon offset. Proceeds from the offset go directly to Tontoton, an organization dedicated to removing ocean plastic.


 Partnership Certifications

Below we have outlined additional strategies that allow ocean + main to remain as energy efficient as possible:


OM Lights

LED lights throughout our space use up to 80% less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs.


OM Trees

  • We only use recycled paper for packing slips on all orders.
  • 100% of our packaging is sustainably sourced and free of virgin plastic.
  • All garments shipped from our e-commerce are sent in a reusable, cotton cloth bag.
  • All of our shipping boxes come from Eco-Enclose, a Canopy Certified brand that uses only 100% recyclable material including paper activated tape.
  • We’ve engineered our delivery boxes so returns and exchanges can be sent back in the original packaging.


  OM Transportation

  • We source and manufacture all of our garments locally in Los Angeles, decreasing our transportation costs and environmental impact.
  • We are working with our 3PL on other carbon offset initiatives including a solar-powered facility?
  • We help our fabric suppliers reduce their impact by shipping rolls of fabric in paper vs. plastic and work with shipping carriers to consolidate shipments.
  • Our distribution center is 4 miles from our production studio and all our other employees work remotely from home or carpool to work.




OM Supplier Carbon Emission Requirements


To ensure we are working with partners who share our similar ethos, our fabric, packaging and manufacturing partners providers are required to obtain an International Standards Organization Certificate (ISO). ISO is an independent organization that supports innovative solutions and develops international standards aimed to solve global challenges. 


While there are multiple ISO certifications available, we require our suppliers to acquire and maintain certifications ISO 9001:2015 for transparency, management integrity, and worker health, and ISO 14001:2015 to limit carbon emissions.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Designed to teach fundamental concepts and principles of quality management:

  • Organizations seeking sustained success through the implementation of a quality management system.
  • Customers seeking confidence in an organization's ability to consistently provide products and services conforming to their requirements.
  • Organizations seeking confidence in their supply chain that their product and service requirements will be met.
  • Organizations and interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of the vocabulary used in quality management.


ISO 14001:2015 Certification – Requires organizations to set, measure, and maintain standards regarding environmental impacts including carbon emissions:


  • Organizations seeking enhancement of environmental performances.
  • Organizations seeking fulfillment of compliance obligations.
  • Organizations seeking achievement of environmental objectives.


OM Clients and Customers


Our Customer Guarantee 

Our customers deserve clear and transparent information about our products and practices. ocean + main is committed to communicating with full transparency about its efforts to create beautiful, eco-friendly, and ethically made luxury garments. We are committed that every customer, regardless of ability, has access to our site and products. Through AccessiBe, our site is ADA and WCAG compliant.

Our Product Gaurantee

ocean + main strives to offer its customers eco-luxury products, by using the highest quality deadstock or eco-forward textiles and the highest level of artisanship in each garment. ocean + main cares about the health and safety of its customers, with a strong focus on eco-forward and chemical-free textiles, and in the design and manufacture of its products.




Throughout the years, we have teamed up with organizations that are aligned with our values and ethics and encourage our suppliers and vendors to engage in local community charity efforts by volunteering time and/or providing other types of support. In addition, through on-site donations via Daily Karma, customers can choose to offset a portion of their purchase price and proceeds go directly to the following organizations:

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM)

 BEAM is a national training, movement building, and grant-making institution that is dedicated to the healing, wellness, and liberation of Black and marginalized communities.  Beam's mission is to remove the barriers that Black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing through education, training, advocacy, and the creative arts.

Ocean Conservancy

The ocean conservancy is dedicated to protecting the oceans from today’s greatest global challenges. It is dedicated to science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and all the wildlife and communities that depend on it. They bring people, science, and policy together to ensure a sustainable ocean.


Our Eco-Cart carbon offset program supports Tontoton efforts, a Vietnamese plastic neutralization program, designed to ensure all plastics are removed and treated before reaching our oceans. Tontoton operates in three locations in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Hon Son island, and Phu Quoc Island and provides job opportunities to collect and recycle ignored plastic. This organization is the first to receive the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification that works as a 3rd party to secure the recycling of non-commercial and commercial plastic waste. All rescued plastics head to a co-processing plant to produce Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials (AFRM) to prevent marine litter. 


Through our work in Malaysia, we support the Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre (TRCRC) and have directly invested in their seed bank protecting Malaysia’s rare and endangered plant species. TRCRC aims to fight biodiversity loss and promote sustainable and manageable practices. 


Dana Farber Cancer Institute


“In a time when I feel my least lovely, nothing makes me feel more beautiful and seen than putting on one of your caftans.” – Susan K.


Each year, we participate in Breast Care Awareness Month and a portion of our proceeds are donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. One of the most unexpected joys of starting ocean + main was the outpouring of support and generosity from women undergoing and surviving cancer treatment. We have received countless emails from customers sharing their intimate and heroic battles.




We are passionate about creating a healthy workforce so that everyone benefits from the production of our products. We believe in the dynamic and continuous improvement of the environment to better benefit our customers, employees, and society as a whole. It is in this spirit that we have created our Employee and Vendor Code of Conduct because we believe that people do their best work when they feel safe and have opportunities to grow. We also know that when people are secure and thriving, they create better products and have the energy to focus more on saving our planet.


ocean + main’s workforce is exclusively women-owned, LGBTQ, and Latin X. Representing and supporting the creative community in Los Angeles is a founding principle of the brand. We believe in a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees. 

Supporting Our Talent

ocean + main encourages a locally-based and diverse workforce with a particular focus on providing employment opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the Los Angeles area. ocean + main is intent on continuing to offer opportunities to this often marginalized group, ensuring equity for all of its employees and contractors. All forms of discrimination are prohibited.

Our Inclusive Space

ocean + main offers equal opportunity employment because it is a value we hold dear. At ocean + main, we do not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other categories protected by law. We also make all reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities and are committed to their full inclusion in the workplace.


Workers’ Protection


ocean + main was instrumental in helping recent groundbreaking legislation, SB62, The Garment Workers Protection Act, to be signed into law. This landmark legislation ensures that garment workers in California earn at least minimum wage and outlaws contracts for piece work (where workers are paid per piece completed rather than the time spent working). This act also ensures accountability for brands and manufacturers that will penalize illegal pay practices. ocean + main is fully committed to offering a livable wage and work-life balance to its employees and vendors. 


ocean + main strives to offer its employees a fulfilling working environment to encourage trusting and collaborative relationships and opportunities for its workers. In keeping with this ethos, ocean + main does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, bias, or intimidation and does not tolerate any form of physical, psychological, or verbal harassment.


If an employee believes they have been bullied, harassed, abused, or discriminated against by anyone at ocean + main, or by an ocean + main partner, vendor, or contractor, we strongly encourage them to immediately report the incident to the supervisor or manager. Supervisors and managers who learn of any such incident should immediately report it to the manager. The manager will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints and take appropriate action.


Rebalancing Our Work-Life Cycle


ocean + main promotes a work-life balance by offering flexible work hours as well as work from home opportunities, thereby reducing commute times and enabling employees to balance personal life and work. Additionally, ocean + main strives to create a balanced and nurturing workplace where each individual may be given the space and support to reach their fullest potential. Working from home offers the bonus of reducing carbon emissions, furthering ocean + main’s commitment to environmentally sound business practices.


Mindfulness Matters

Our position on substance abuse is based on our deeper values of mind + body balance: It is incompatible with the health and safety of our employees, and we don’t permit it. Consumption of alcohol is not prohibited in our office. The use of illegal drugs in our office is strictly prohibited. 

Our Calming Environment

We believe that we do our best work when we feel safe. ocean + main is committed to a safe, healthy, and violence-free work environment. Behavior or actions that pose a health, safety, or security risk to fellow employees, our extended workforce, or visitors is prohibited. If an employee believes a co-worker is engaging in unsafe behavior and posing a safety risk in our workplace, they should report it to their supervisor immediately.





Vendor/Employee Code of Conduct

ocean + main works hard to seek out vendors and suppliers who hold the same values: A deep commitment to human rights in our supply chain, an unfailing dedication to eco-forward practices and materials as well as an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Our vendor code of conduct details the standards we expect our vendors/employees to adhere to. Failure to do so will result in the termination of ocean + main’s partnership with them. 

Law and Code Compliance

ocean + main vendors and suppliers are expected to comply with and will be monitored to adhere with the following:

  • All relevant and applicable laws and regulations of the country in which workers are employed including those at the federal, state/provincial, and local community levels.
  • ocean + main’s Vendor and Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Any Collective Bargaining Agreements that pertain to the workers that are employed.


Child Labor


ocean + main is dedicated to eliminating child labor throughout its supply chain and adheres strictly to the United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA, 1938) and the International Labor conventions.


The United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938, also known as the child labor laws, was enacted to ensure that when young people work, the work is safe and does not jeopardize their health, well-being, or educational opportunities. International Labor conventions set the general minimum age for admission to employment or work at 15 years (13 for light work) and the minimum age for hazardous work at 18 (16 under certain strict conditions). It provides for the possibility of initially setting the general minimum age at 14 (12 for light work) where the economy and educational facilities are insufficiently developed. Therefore, ocean + main will not allow for any workers to be employed under the age of 15 or the age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is higher. Workers under the age of 18 must not work in hazardous, unsafe, or unhealthy working conditions or materials, and juvenile workers (ages 15-17) shall not perform work under circumstances that are likely to compromise their health, safety, or morals. Adequate protection against such hazards must be provided to all juvenile workers. (ILO Conventions: 138, 182)


Forced Labor


Under no circumstances will ocean + main tolerate any forced labor in its supply chain. No supplier or vendor shall use involuntary or forced labor (i.e., indentured, bonded, prison, or labor obtained through slavery or human trafficking). At no point shall any worker in ocean + main’s supply chain be denied access to and/or control of their citizenship and travel documents nor should they be denied full freedom of movement. All labor contracts should be written and made fully available to them in their native language before leaving home. The contracts should detail the terms of the employment and workers shall be informed of these terms before leaving home. At no point should workers pay for their job and if third-party employment agencies are used, ocean + main will hold the vendor responsible for employment eligibility fees of all the workers, including all recruitment-related fees. ocean + main requires suppliers to monitor any third-party they enlist to recruit or hire employees to ensure no individual is compelled to work through force, deception, intimidation, coercion, or as punishment for personally held views. (ILO Conventions: 29, 105, 182)


Health & Safety


ocean + main is committed to a safe, healthy, and violence-free work environment. Behavior or actions that pose a health, safety, or security risk to fellow employees, our extended workforce, or visitors is prohibited. ocean + main expects its vendors and suppliers to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace, free of hazardous conditions that might cause accidents and injury while working. Suppliers and vendors must adhere to all applicable laws of the countries in which they operate regarding work environment, sanitation, and safety. Suppliers and vendors that provide employee housing must maintain clean, safe, and adequate sleeping quarters, bathing, and toilet facilities. (ILO Convention: 155)


Harassment, Abuse, and Disciplinary Practices: ocean + main expects that every employee in its supply chain must be treated with respect and dignity. No employee shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal abuse or monetary fines humiliating acts as a disciplinary measure.



ocean + main does not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other categories protected by law in its supply chain, nor does it allow for individuals with disabilities to be denied inclusion in the workplace based on their disability. 


Wages & Benefits


Every worker holds the right to being paid weekly wages that provide for his/her basic needs and some discretionary income. ocean + main expects vendors and suppliers to the appropriate prevailing wage or, at least the minimum wage, whichever is higher. Additionally, ocean + main’s vendors and suppliers must comply with all legal requirements on wages, and offer any benefits required by law or contract. Where legally mandated minimum compensation does not meet worker’s basic needs and provide some discretionary income, each vendor and/or supplier of ocean + main shall endeavor to take appropriate actions that seek to progressively provide for the worker a level of compensation that does. (ILO Conventions: 25, 131)


Overtime Wages 


Employees must be compensated for overtime hours in addition to regular working hours at the rate legally required in the country of manufacture. In countries where no such laws exist, employees shall be compensated at a rate exceeding the regular hourly compensation rate by at least 125%. (ILO Convention 1 and 30)


Hours of Work


ocean + main suppliers and vendors shall not require workers to work more than the regular and overtime hours as permitted by the law of the country. The regular workweek shall not exceed the maximum hours permitted by the law of the country of manufacture or 48 hours, whichever is less where the workers are employed. Vendors must apprise ocean + main of the need for additional hours to work together to reduce the frequency of excessive overtime. Vendors and suppliers must allow workers a minimum of 24 continuous hours of rest every seven days. All overtime work must be consensual. Vendors and suppliers of ocean + main shall not require overtime hours on a regular basis. (ILO Convention: 1)


Freedom of Association & Rights to Collective Bargaining


All of ocean + mains suppliers' and vendors’ employees must be free to form and join organizations of their choosing, including trade unions and other worker organizations that participate in collective bargaining without fear of harassment, interference, or retaliation. ocean + main suppliers and vendors must create and maintain effective, respectful, and transparent grievance processes to resolve disputes, address and respond to complaints and ensure effective communication between employees, employee representatives, and management. (ILO Conventions: 87, 98, 135)


Full Compliance with Anti-Trust Laws


In accordance with the anti-trust laws of the United States, we don't participate in any bribery, price-fixing, collusion with competitors or suppliers, or share proprietary information with outside sources. 




At ocean + main, we believe that whistleblower protection is essential to safeguard the public interest and to promote a culture of public accountability and integrity. To prevent corruption in the workplace, we at ocean + main encourage employees to report wrongdoing and are committed to protecting them when they do. Employees are usually the first to recognize wrongdoing in the workplace and we believe in empowering them to speak up without fear of reprisal so that we can both detect and deter violations.

Animal Welfare 

ocean + main suppliers and vendors must maintain respect for animal welfare and work progressively towards engaging in healthy and compassionate practices towards animals based on the highest level of available technology and standards.


ocean + main’s suppliers and vendors must not engage any subcontractor to perform any work for or on ocean + main’s products, materials, or components without prior written approval from ocean + main, and only after meeting the minimum requirements outlined in this Code of Conduct. This applies to scenarios where the vendor may engage unauthorized subcontractors as a solution for capacity challenges or to avoid excessive overtime. If ocean + main approves a subcontractor, the supplier or vendor is required to furnish in writing the physical locations of all facilities that contribute to the production or transit of ocean + main materials. 



ocean + main expects suppliers to have and maintain policies and procedures to ensure minimal environmental impacts. This includes but is not limited to the use of resources including water use, mitigation of the release of chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions, and use of hazardous materials. All applicable local and national environmental laws and regulations must be adhered to by ocean + main suppliers and vendors in the place where they do business. Additionally, ocean + main expects that vendors and suppliers engage in efforts to deepen their sustainability practices and ensure environmental responsibility, adhering to all written environmental policies and standards. Ocean + main suppliers and vendors must continuously monitor their energy and natural resource usage, emissions, discharges, carbon footprint, and disposal of wastes and disclose them to ocean + main as requested.


The only way to ensure social and environmental responsibility and the integrity of our products is to have transparency and traceability into all levels of our supply chain. ocean + main and our suppliers and vendors are jointly responsible for ensuring claims around the integrity of our product from the farm through the finished goods factory level. To this end, ocean + main requires suppliers and vendors to map and continuously track and monitor all levels and all locations of their supply chain. They must also be transparent with information about any owned and/or subcontracted farms, mills, plants, factories, and other sites that are involved in the production of our products.

ocean + main is also dedicated to customer privacy and all personal information submitted by its customers is treated with the utmost confidentiality. In keeping with this ethos, we are fully committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).


ocean + main was founded in 2015 on the principle of serving people, planet, and purpose. Sustainability is the thread of every decision we make.