The Sustainable, Seasonless Wardrobe

The Sustainable, Seasonless Wardrobe

Looking for ways to incorporate more sustainable practices into your daily life? Extending the life of your wardrobe and wearing your pieces season-in and season-out is one of the easiest ways to make sustainability a daily practice. 

We chose the caftan as the foundation of ocean+main for it's versatility and it's seasonless, timeless elegance.  We try to incorporate those ideals into every piece we make.  Can we wear it year around?  Is the fabric sustainable and versatile? If the answer is yes, it makes it into the collection. 

How, you may ask, do I possibly wear a caftan in the winter?  Behold the beauty of layering.

With a simple black turtleneck, leggings and boots, your o+m pieces are winter-ready.

Cotton in Winter? Yes, please. If you own it, we say wear it, don't store it until next Spring! With a few winter basics and your o+m pieces are year-around staples.

Cozy never looked more lux than this.

If you're already winter styling your o+m pieces, tag us on Instagram @ocean_and_main so we can add it to our style library.


- o+m

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