Vogue: Caftans are the Ultimate WFH Uniform...but you already knew that.

Vogue: Caftans are the Ultimate WFH Uniform...but you already knew that.

When Vogue, Girls of a Certain Age and others recently declared the caftan as the perfect Work From Home uniform, we declared, 'of course!'

If switching from 'night' pajamas to 'day' pajamas is loosing its appeal, and your work day (i.e. Zoom Call) requires business on top, comfort on the bottom, we're here to help upgrade your WFH waredrobe from sweats to chic. 


Girls of a Certain Age

When your commute includes a round trip from kitchen to couch, take it from Kim France, (yes, that Kim France, who helmed the legendary Lucky magazine) who recently featured her WFH favorites on her blog  Girls of a Certain Age  including a shout out to o+m!



On the blog, Zora, writer Aliya S. King professes the caftan has "changed her work from home game.  It's ease, comfort and beauty is becoming a way of life." We couldn't agree more.  (On a personal note, as the founder of ocean+main, I love that her caftan-style was inspired by her regal mother just as my love of the caftan was inherited from my sweet mom.)





Looking for more inspiration?  Here is a count down of our WFH favorites complete with endorsements from our gracious customers!

No. 1

The Easy Dress

It doesn't get any easier than our Easy Dress available in black and Navy.

In 100% cotton, the tiny collar to gives this tunic a hint of business casual, while pockets make it an every day favorite. 

"Buy it!  You won't regret it! I'm already living in mine!" - Nicole S., CA 

"Fits perfectly!  Gorgeous, lightweight (but not see-through).  Love the pockets." - Christine, LA

No. 2

The Easy Top

Our every day Easy Top comes in White, Black and Navy.

Simple, easy, comfortable. The ultimate business-on-top, wear-what-you-like on the bottom. (Shameless plug:  as soon as we can start production, those cute pants are first on the list!)

"Beautiful, summer light weight blouse." - Louisa, WA

No. 3

The Gauze Dress

A fan favorite from the very start, this one has become an o+m staple.  Available in White, Burgundy and Black, the flattering cut and quintessential pockets guarantee this one will be in heavy rotation. 


"I never want to take this amazing dress off!" - Anonymous, TX

"Fabric is exquisite.  Fits and feels like a dream." - Jana, NC

"So perfect, so easy, yet so sophisticated. Love." - Karen, NY

No. 4

The Placket Caftan

By far our best selling silhouette, the delicate fern print ads a bit of resort glamour to the flattering neckline and easy shape.

"This caftan is awesome!" - Kate, NJ 

"10/10.  Want one in every color." - Robin, GA

"Adore my caftan.  Beautiful, comfortable, versitile." - Darlene, CA

No. 5

Navy Cupro Caftan

Another o+m staple, Navy Cupro caftan is silky and creamy to the touch.  Our most reveiwed and most loved caftan sells out everytime we make it.  Never fear, it is on constant reorder. 


"Absolutely stunning and so comfortable!" - Ami, CT

"Perfect design, perfect fabric." - Anonymous, FL

"I LOVE this caftan. The fabric is so lux!" - Lauren, CA

NO.  6

Blue Tunic with Pockets

A favorite with the mom-crowd, we refer to this one as 'mother's little helper'.  Just one move and you're dressed.  Perfect with your favorite kicks, sandals or padding around the house, no need to change for a quick trip to the market.  With pockets, of course, this one is the perfect one-and-done dress.

"I live in this tunic!" Anonymous, AL

"I can't believe how much I wear this tunic.  Thanks ocean+main!"- Mel, CA

"My favorite dress ever." - Lisa, CO


Feel free to reach out!  We'd love to help you build your perfect WFH waredrobe! 







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