Re-Branding the Caftan as Sexy

Re-Branding the Caftan as Sexy

Thanks to the New York Times, a whole new generation of women are discovering what we have known for a long time, the caftan is sexy.  Way, sexy.

In their Woke or Not, the Caftan is Sexy article, the NY Times describes all the things we know and love about our signature silhouette, but, perhaps there is a deeper meaning behind the latest 'it' moment for the caftan.  


Of course, we love the simplicity of the caftan. It's 'one-and-done' ease takes you from aperol spritzers on the patio to a black tie event on the town. 


And, what is sexier than sense of mystery?  A well-constructed caftan, with it's drapey fabric and billowy silhouette, provides just a hint of shape, the briefest glimpse of skin, and a luxurious feel of opulence as the fabric glides over the body.


But, is the caftan's current popularity part of a bigger cultural shift?  Is the caftan having a moment because women are re-defining what it means to be sexy?  And, defining it in our own terms?  Perhaps it's popularity speaks to a larger movement; a movement away from the retouched, sculpted, filled and augmented reality we see everyday.



For us, the caftan is the antithesis of the form-fitting, skin-baring garments we are told are 'sexy.'   It provides us the freedom to be a woman; a real woman. 
You, as your authentic self in a garment.


Nothing is sexier than that.   


One thing is for sure;  the caftan has staying power.  It has been a part of every culture and every period of history since the fig leaf, so whether it's for style or for statement, or, for simple comfort and ease, we are happy the caftan is here to stay.

  We hope you are too!

~ o+m




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