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re:hOMe - Our Trade-in Program

As much as you love your ocean+main garments, is it time for them to be loved and appreciated by a new customer?  Help them find a new home with our re:hOMe trade-in program! 

In our on-going effort to reduce our impact on the planet, our re:hOMe program allows you to return gently worn items and receive a discount on future purchases.  'RehOMe-ing' your items gives them a new life, helps reduce textile waste headed for the landfill and helps to contribute to the circular ecomony. 
Plus, we've made it super simple!
  • Review your gently-worn o+m garments 
  • Fill out the re:hOMe request form and download your free shipping label
  • All gently-worn garments past our 21 day return window and are eligible for trade-in
  • A maximum of 4 garments are permitted per trade-in
  • Once items are received and reviewed, a credit will be issued to your o+m account with the code: re:hOMe
  • The amount of the credit will be determined on the condition of the garment. The total credit amount can be used towards any new o+m purchase
  • Reviewed and approved items will be listed for sale on the re:hOMe page at  
  • All unsellable items will be donated to a textile recycler
  • Only ocean+main branded items are eligble for return and re:hOMe.  Please do not include other brands or textile products in your return.  If you have other textile waste, check out our friends For Days and their textile Take Back bag!
  • Garments that are damaged, stained and deemed unsellable in their current condition will receive a reduced credit

 Based on the condition of the item, please find below examples of our trade-in values.


     Trade-in Credit     (sellable condition)

          Trade-in Credit         (non-sellable condition)

Silk Dresses/Caftans $20 $8
Cotton or Cupro Dresses/Caftans $10 - $15 $5
Tops+Pants $10 $5
Short Dresses/Caftans $10 $5


How do I package and ship my trade-in? 

Once you've completed the re:hOMe form, simply download the free shipping label, use any existing packing you have and carefully wrap you items for delivery to an USPS location.

How long will it take until I receive my credit?

We aim to process all trade-ins within 14 days of receiving them. Once we’ve processed your trade-in, your credit will be issued immediately via email.

What do you do with the product?

All items will be reviewed for quality and sellablity.  Once an item is approved to meet our exacting standards, it will be resold at a discounted price to a new customer to love and cherish.  

Do you take o+m product that I have purchased elsewhere?

We will happily re:hOMe any certified ocean+main product.  

What items do you sell on re:hOMe?

Your gently worn, pre-loved items are resold on our re:hOMe page.   We also sell one of a kind samples or slightly imperfect production items.   

Do you accept international returns?

Unfortunately, we can only accomodate returns within the US at the moment. 


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Contact us

Have an issue? Send us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

If you have a question about a trade-in you have created, please include the trade-in ID in the subject line of the email.