Our Bridal Collection with The Four Seasons.

Our Bridal Collection for The Four Seasons Laanda Giraavaru

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Four Seasons Laanda Giravaaru in the Maldives to deliver our first ever exclusive bridal collection. 
Ever dreamed of getting married, renewing your vows or just having an  romantic beach holiday where your every need is catered too?
Eco Friendly Caftan, Ethically Sourced, Locally Made, Los Angeles
Enter the Four Seasons (of course) who has thought of every detail, even down to a beach-inspired wedding gown from ocean+main.  
Renowed for pristine waters, exceptional diving and near perfect weather, the Maldives is a once in a lifetime destination and the Four Seasons is prepared to deliver a once in a lifetime experience.
Eco Friendly Caftan, Ethically Sourced, Locally Made, Los Angeles
  As a UNSECO Heritage site, Four Seasons Laanda Giraavaru is truly a unique property.  With ocean preservation at the heart of their mission,  every decision at the resort is considered, even down to the product sold in the gift shop, proving luxury doesn't have to come at the expense of mother nature.  
We are honored to be among the highly vetted products sold at the resort and are even more honored to design a collection of beach-inspired bridal wear in line with the resort's eco-ethos.

"And because the sea is very close to our hearts here in the Maldives, we’re also delighted to announce our new collaboration with Ocean+Main: an environmentally conscious LA-based company that produces ethical ocean-inspired caftans and tunics. With zero water used in the production of its garments, Ocean+Main has designed a range of beach gowns exclusively for our female bridal, vow-renewing and anniversary guests that not only pay homage to the ocean but help to save it too. From long flowing silhouettes to short beaded creations, free yourself from the burden of travelling with a bulky dress in favour of a gorgeous bridal limited edition gown waiting for you on arrival.

It really is the little things that can make all the difference …"

Four Season Laanda Giraavaru 

Eco Friendly Caftan, Ethically Sourced, Locally Made, Los Angeles

Check out the link below to learn more about their curated wedding and event packages as well as read what else they have to say about ocean+main.  
Here's to your dream wedding in your dream destination while walking gently on Mother earth!
- o+m

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