PositiveLuxury.com recognizes ocean+main as a #BrandToTrust

PositiveLuxury.com recognizes ocean+main as a #BrandToTrust

ocean+main is so proud to be awarded the Butterfly Mark by the prestigous PositiveLuxury group!  We are thrilled to join other great #BrandsToTrust like Loewe, Givenchy, Temperly London and Dior

Eco friendly caftans and tunics inspired by the ocean, made on main street. Ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles.


In 2011, London entrepreneurs Diana Verde Nieto and Karen Hanton, MBE, saw a gap in the growing sustainable fashion market.  How do customers wishing to buy better and brands wishing to do better find each other?  There was no portal, no message, no simple way to know if a brand touting sustainability was the real deal or just green-washing a marketing message for shareholder's benefit.  So, PositiveLuxury.com and Butterfly Mark were born.  The site offers a portal for consumers to find sustainable brands and, the Butterfly Mark provides a simple, elegant way to communicate that the brand has been well vetted and consumers can spend their money with confidence knowing the brand is committed to making a difference.  

Eco friendly caftans and tunics inspired by the ocean, made on main street. Ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles.

The Butterfly Mark originates from the story of the Large British Blue Butterfly which was extinct in Britain in 1979.  Through the dedication of multiple organizations and individuals, the Blue Butterfly was reintroduced to its natural habitat and is now considered the most successful insect reintroduction in the world.

Inspired by the story, Positive Luxury adopted the Butterfly Mark as a symbol of how, if we all put our minds together, we can reverse the negative impact we are having on our planet’s resources.




To earn the Butterfly Mark, brands must pass a stringent annual assessment process where sustainability is measured from start to finish.  Every element of the brand is scrutinized from social and environmental impact to philanthropy and innovation. 

Once approved, PositiveLuxury highlights the individual brands sustainability committments like environmentally friendly packaging, water reduction, non-voc, cruelty free, forest sustainability and more.

To visit the ocean+main page at PositiveLuxury.com, go to PositiveLuxury/ocean+main
So, thank you, PositiveLuxury.com for recognizing ocean + main and our efforts to make a difference. We are so thrilled to be included and will proudly display our official Butterfly Mark as part of a growing community of conscious brands.

Look for the mark when you shop! 

-Positive Luxury is a Silver Winner of the 2017 International CSR Excellence Awards. 


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