LA Burro Studio Hand-Knitted Market Bag - Red - Sale

Final Sale

$50.00 $80.00

We fell for all things LA Burro Studio; the bags, the name, everything. 

LA Burro literally means "Los Angeles Donkey," and their namesake bag has much in common with this oft overlooked domestic equine.  Donkeys are highly regarded for their intelligence, strength and keen sense of curiosity, and, they have been indispensible, hard working companions for humankind for thousands of years.  Strong?  Indispensible?  Hard-working?  Sound a lot like this perfect market bag.  

These net bags are hand-woven in a multigenerational family workshop in Italy.  Known for its expertly crafted fishing nets, this family has been quietly at work in the same small village since the 1960's.

Using left over surplus nylon cording, a series of square knots are used to hand craft each bag.  Each one is hand-made, unique and special.  And, as there is no fabric or other materials to cut away (like in traditional bag making) there is zero waste!

The braided handle is designed for comfortable carrying over the shoulder or in the hand.  It easily fits a favorite clutch to use as an everyday bag, or fold it into a small bundle and toss it in your bag for your go-to reusable market or beach bag!

Available in Black, Navy, Yellow, Red, Metallic Gold and Natural.

Width:  12" 

Height:  18"

Total strap length:  23"

Strap drop (from top of strap to top of bag): 10"


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